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Moody & Graf, P.A. is a client-focused Florida construction law firm with board-certified construction attorneys specialized in litigating a range of complex matters. While construction law is our specialty, we do offer other legal services in the areas of commercial litigation, collections, contract disputes, and real estate, to name a few.

Construction Law is Our Focus

At Moody & Graf, construction law is the heart of what we do. We are construction litigators who have a deep understanding of the complexities of the law and how best to navigate the challenging world of construction disputes — from complicated regulation to ambiguous contracts and more.

Our specialized focus gives us a significant advantage. Where other law firms choose to cover a myriad of general practice areas and are, therefore, less experienced and, in turn, less efficient in handling construction disputes with unique fact patterns and unexpected conflicts, our firm is particularly well-equipped to guide clients through these issues with a steady hand.

We are not limited to our experience just as legal professionals, however. Our attorneys have personal experience in the construction industry, having worked with contractors on various construction projects in their youth. We are positioned to quickly identify and manage the many practical and legal issues that accompany a high-conflict construction project.

In addition to the host of services we offer in the construction context, we also provide legal services related to the following areas, which you can read more about under each specialty’s tab:

  • Real Estate
  • Collections
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Insurance
  • Complex Commercial Litigation

Efficient, Practical Approach to Handling Claims

At Moody & Graf, we are proud of taking an efficient and practical approach to resolving construction law matters. For example, we utilize leading-edge software and well-established internal processes to ensure that we can engage the matter as efficiently as possible. Further, both our founders are board-certified construction attorneys. Because we understand the complicated issues underlying construction disputes, we are able to crystallize those issues for the opposing side and leverage that clarity to push an early, favorable resolution.

Our firm understands that a balanced level of aggression is necessary to favorably resolve construction disputes. We are relentless advocates for our clients and know when to push the legal arguments to force the opposing side into a weak bargaining position. This balanced approach is key because we have found that successful results are often accomplished through an amicable discussion backed by aggressive representation.

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