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Results-Driven Construction Law Firm

About Us

Moody & Graf is a results-driven Florida construction litigation firm with proven success in handling complex construction matters, both in-and-out of the courtroom.

Over the years, our board-certified construction attorneys have developed a reputation as relentless advocates and are leading professionals in the field.  We work tirelessly on behalf of clients in a variety of construction disputes — from contract, change order and payment disputes, to lien and bond claims, construction defect, DBPR complaints, insurance defense, design defects, and more.

Moody & Graf — Our Competitive Edge

Courtroom Readiness

Fundamentally, our approach is to prepare for litigation long before the issue is forced, which ensures that we are “trial ready” should litigation be necessary.

We are industry-leading negotiators, often resolving highly-contentious matters through early settlement — but while settlement is usually preferable to litigation, it is not always a feasible solution.  If the opposing party is unwilling to settle, or is only willing to do so in a way that disadvantages our client, then we are ready, willing, and able to take the case to trial.

As aggressive trial litigators, we have obtained consistent, positive outcomes for clients in the courtroom.  Our track record of courtroom success — alongside our “trial ready” approach to representation — gives us a significant advantage in early negotiations.  We are able to leverage the threat of litigation to push for highly-favorable settlement results in many cases, avoiding the costs associated with protracted litigation.

Commitment to Efficiency

At Moody & Graf, we believe litigation success requires not only “winning” a case (by securing a favorable resolution), but also doing so in an efficient manner.  Complex construction litigation can be costly, and efficiency must therefore be a primary concern at all times.

We are committed to efficiency — so much so that we have implemented advanced software and internal processes that empower our attorneys at every stage of a dispute, both before and during litigation.

Construction Litigation Focus

Moody & Graf is — at its core — a litigation firm with an exclusive focus on construction law matters.  Our team is comprised of board-certified specialists in construction law who have earned a reputation for handling such disputes.

Quite simply: Construction is all we do.  We therefore have the insights and skill necessary to effectively navigate complex construction matters that can sometimes overwhelm attorneys with a broader commercial practice.

Our experience in the construction industry is not just as legal professionals.  Some of our attorneys have been raised in the construction industry, gaining personal experience by working directly for contractors on construction projects.  As such, we are well-acquainted with the many practical challenges that arise over the course of construction and are known for our knowledge and insight in this regard.

Practice Areas

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our core commitment is to resolve the underlying dispute in an effective, efficient manner. In many cases, that can be accomplished through discussions that lead to a compromise solution. Where arbitration is necessary, we are capable of guiding clients through the process.

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Construction industry disputes commonly center around payment-related issues: from delays in payment to the failure to pay. We represent clients in collections matters, identifying claim discrepancies and securing payment through mechanics’ liens and other means, including litigation and post-judgment collection.

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Construction Law & Litigation

We handle all aspects of construction law litigation, including DBPR complaints, design and construction defects, professional errors & omissions, contract disputes, personal injury matters, changed conditions, delay and disruption, breach of warranty claims, and more.

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Insurance Coverage

In addition to serving as general counsel for clients in the construction industry, we are also brought in by insurers to defend our clients — contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, sureties, and others — in a broad range of construction law disputes.

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Real Estate

We routinely handle lien foreclosures and other challenging real estate litigation, and are well-acquainted with disputes in which there is an issue with the project loan (secured by a deed of trust on property). We also represent real estate developers in personal injury and other cases arising out of construction defect issues.

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We represent clients in suretyship-related disputes, including the enforcement of indemnity agreements and helping navigate the complexities of payment and performance bond claims.

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